Other rooms

Wine tasting room

The room for the wine tasting was obtained from the old stall of the farm.

The room is really characteristic, it is furnished with old shelves in which there is a selection of our wine and wines of the best wine growers of Colli Bolognesi.

We have a small selection of balsamic vinegar from Modena, typical liquors, lambrusco (slightly sparkling red wine typical of Emilia Romagna) and other wine of the region.



Parties and conventions’ room

Sala convegniOn first floor there is a room that can be a TV room, a reading room or simply a room in which you can have a good chat. There is also a lift in the building.

It has recently been possible to obtain from the old attic, which was used as storage in the past, a room used now for conventions, meetings, stages, parties…

Thanks to the activity of the Agriturismo it is possible to organise real banquets and buffet.

The renovations, that lasted many years, gave the building some details that nowadays many people try to recover and recreate.

It is a nice encounter between the remembrance of the past and the services of the future.